Artists convert empty house to illustrate our ‘new normal’ with Covid-inspired art

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the artists behind these incredible installations all have an innate talent.

A group of creatives have taken over a house in Clapham to transform it into a stunning gallery with political messaging about our coronavirus world.

The empty Victorian townhouse has metamorphosed into a real-life gallery with each street artist selecting a room of their own to put a unique stamp on it.

[Credit: disCONNECT, Schoeni Projects London/Nick Smith Photos]

One particularly powerful exhibit in the hall between the staircase and kitchen features large emergency signs reading, ‘changed priorities ahead due to a worldwide pandemic’.

The brainchild of London artist Aida Wilde, she also hung lace curtains by the stairs printed with COVID-19 messaging including statements to ‘stay at home’ and ‘save lives’.

Wilde also turned the bathroom into a virus tribute by covering the floor with ‘fear less, less fear’ slogans and a ‘keep calm and occupy a mansion’ picture frame.

[Credit: disCONNECT, Schoeni Projects London/Nick Smith Photos]

Spanish artist Issac Cordal created a series of miniature figurines which are dotted around the house, each one serving as a reminder to how the pandemic has become our new normal with tiny people wearing face masks as well as a socially-distanced couple.

The fascinating collection, which features 10 artists from seven countries, is thanks to Schoeni Projects – a new contemporary arts platform celebrating different cultures.

Visitors are encouraged to view the exhibition, entitled disCONNECT, over the next month, kickstarting this weekend and running through until August 24 .

[Credit: disCONNECT, Schoeni Projects London/Nick Smith Photos]
[Credit: disCONNECT, Schoeni Projects London/Nick Smith Photos]

Honouring lockdown restrictions, the artwork is available online only as the organisers hope to reflect on the constraints of the crisis both psychologically and politically.

Schoeni Projects director Nicole Schoeni said she hopes this unconventional show offers “a truly contemporary hub for artists and art lovers to meet, engage and collaborate”.

To have a nosy, click here: disCONNECT exhibition.