Boux Avenue celebrate boobs of all shapes and sizes as they launch fab new campaign

Hooters, knockers, baps, melons, jugs or boobs – whatever you want to call breasts, all women have them and I think we can all agree they’re pretty fabulous.

Our boobs come in all shapes and size, but this hasn’t always been recognised in the media – especially when it comes to lingerie campaigns and modelling.

But, Boux Avenue are here to change that, and we couldn’t be happier. The UK based lingerie brand have made size inclusivity the forefront of their latest campaign as they celebrate bodies of all different shapes and sizes.

As part of their new SS20 campaign, which features an array of well-known names, Boux Avenue want to shout about their DD+ range, enforcing their message of ‘your shape, your style’ and emphasising that bigger busts should not have to compromise on comfort or style when it come to finding lingerie.

Tying in with some of the most notable leading voices that celebrate their bodies and bigger chests, Boux Avenue has been working with former Love Island ladies Anna Vasilli, Olivia Bowen, Malin Andersson, Jessica Rose and influencers Mollie Campsie and Lucy Radwell to showcase their stylish and comfortable DD-G cup range.

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Speaking to Uspire, Brand and Product Design Director Zoe Price-Smith said: “It is important that everyone understands that a diverse spectrum of body shapes exist, and it’s our mission – as a brand for women – to ensure that we cater to, and represent this.

“It’s not just about size inclusivity, it’s about celebrating every woman and her unique shape. One size 14 for example, can look very different to another, and that’s something that we believe should be embraced. That’s why we started our brand campaign, ‘Your Shape, Your Style,’ earlier this year.

“We have a diverse customer base and want to ensure that this is represented in everything that we do; from the products that we design in-house, to the ambassadors that we work with.

She added: “Every woman is different, and deserves to feel confident and celebrated.” Amen, sister!

The campaign comes as it was revealed there’s been a 50 per cent increase in Google searches for sexy lingerie – cheeky! So what are you waiting for?! Head over to Boux Avenue now where you’ll find an array of colourful undies with sizes to suit everyone. Happy shopping!