Man spreads happiness in remarkable yet simple way after losing son to suicide

Forget handing over your cash to Amazon for little pick-me-ups through the post during lockdown, the real key to happiness is flooding the streets of Florida.

A local man has taken to hammering small colourful signs to trees in St Petersburg, with ‘happiness’ simply emblazoned across them.

Gary King is on a mission to spread joy during current social distancing measures and believes the power of “just a word can change the way people feel”.

More than anyone, the 74-year-old understands the struggles of loneliness and mental health issues, having suffered emotional abuse as a child leaving him with PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] before going on to lose his son who died by suicide.

Speaking about his efforts, Gary revealed on Facebook: “Fear is the exact opposite of happiness. If there was ever a time to internally feel some happiness, it is now.

“Yes, it is difficult with all the issues surrounding the virus.

“Happiness makes the immune system really strong and resistant to sickness.

“Almost all the stores I enter, people acknowledge that the signs make them feel better or happy, if just for a brief moment, which is much better than not at all.”

Gary, who says the campaign is “great therapy” for him, has so far installed 81 signs.

The positive guru, and author of The Happiness Formula: The Ultimate Life Makeover, believes the power of his signs can improve mood.

He added: “Everything you take in creates an emotion. The whole idea is to create emotions that make you healthy physically and healthy emotionally.”

Gary, whose hope is to help others struggling and find a way for them to heal, says he’s constantly observing the human psyche and response system.

Now affectionately known as ‘The Happiness Man’, Gary concluded: “Every word we use has energy. Because of their energy, words can make us feel better or worse.”

For more info, visit: Gary King.