Wake up and smell the roses: Man plants thousands of flowers for blind wife

A loving husband gifted his wife a sea of flowers after she lost her eyesight. 

In a desperate bid to help her out of depression, Mr Kuroki decided to invigorate her sense of smell. 

But rather than buy a dozen roses, the dairy farmer from Shintomi Town in Japan opted for the shibazakura – in their thousands. 

And so began a two-year mission in which he planted an ocean of pink flowers.

[Credit: Shintomi Machiyakuba]

Like a scene from The Wizard Of Oz, they soon sprouted across his farm to create a glorious landscape.

The flower, also known by its Latin name of phlox subulata or ‘creeping moss’, is reported to exude the smell of marijuana. 

Mrs Kuroki lost her eyesight aged 52, due to complications with diabetes, and had been struggling to come to terms with life ever since. 

Thanks to her husband of 30 years, the flowers began to entice her out of the house again to enjoy the garden and relish the senses she still had. 

[Credit: Shintomi Machiyakuba]

The plant is native to eastern and central United States and is celebrated for the splashes of colour it brings.

It is known to multiply in optimum growing conditions while thriving in the sun.  

The magical scenery at the Kuroki residence still attracts tourists ten years after its creation, with up to 7,000 people visiting annually.