‘Drug Runners’ deliver prescriptions all over Bristol to those in crisis

A group of volunteers in Bristol have become ‘drug runners’, to help those struggling during the Coronavirus social distancing rules. 

Members of a local running club are forging relationships with pharmacies so that they can collect prescriptions for people and personally deliver them at their address. 

The initiative involves an online payment system, so no cash needs to be exchanged.

Each day, a volunteer runner then picks up the relevant package from a pharmacy and drops them at the patient’s home.

[Credit: Facebook]

Runner Katie White told Uspire: “While we’re there, we’ll also have a chat with whomever we’re delivering to and try to brighten their day – at a respectable two metres of course!” 

The volunteers have also put together a daily rota of people to run the logistics and (wo)man the phones/emails, alongside their runners. 

Katie added: “This has gathered quite a lot of momentum, and there are stories of runners being cheered on the streets, and shouts of ‘Are you one of those amazing drug runners?’”

The group This Mum Runs was initially founded in 2015, by mother Mel Bound, to empower mums of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness abilities to stay active.

When self-isolating guidelines were introduced and compromised the group’s bi-weekly social runs, Mel floated the idea on Facebook of delivering prescriptions to the vulnerable.

Speaking to The Telegraph, she said: “We had a bunch of women who were desperate to stay active. The response was unbelievable. Within two days, we had it set up.”